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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
by UNSSC Team - Wednesday, 3 September 2014, 11:59 AM

What is the Post-2015 Learning Hub about? 

The Post-2015 Learning Hub is a UN system-wide one-stop shop for all available courses specifically created for UN Staff (and partners).  

It also offers a list of  FREE online courses from various universities and organizations to support the trainings offered by the UN.  

For more information, please go to the About page of the site. 

Can I get a certificate after I completed each course?

Courses provided by the UN System Staff College offer certificate of completion after taking any course. In some UNSSC courses, a certificate of completion with distinction is also offered in courses where exams are given and the participants pass with flying colors. 

For other online UN courses which are free and courses provided by universities through their websites or MOOCs, certificates may be provided. Please check the official websites of the course providers. 

How can I register for a course?

Registration for UNSSC courses is done through the UNSSC website: For other courses, please visit their websites which are linked in the courses listed here in the Post-2015 Learning Hub. 

Why are some courses listed even when the course period is over?

Some courses which have been offered in the past are still listed here to inform the UN Staff that the course archive is available for download. This provides the UN Staff materials they can still study in their own pace. The only difference with the live course and an archive course is the issuance of a certificate by the university. Also, some of these courses are offered again after some weeks which allow any participant to obtain a certificate of completion from the providers.

What is the advantage of using the Post-2015 Learning Hub?

The Post-2015 Learning Hub is your one-stop shop of courses provided by the UNSSC, other UN agencies, and universities which are relevant to the Post-2015 development agenda. We have already screened through the thousands of available courses and gather those that are particularly targeting themes and issues on the development agenda. 

Also, the UNSSC is the best place to go to for courses catered specifically to the UN Staff. 

All the materials posted here are supporting training on the Post-2015 topics. Resources listed are not exhaustive.